Photo of  Anna Sammarco

Anna Sammarco

Head of Knowledge

Centre for Sustainable Fashion

Speaker Biography

An engineer and a futurist, Anna Sammarco is also the Head of Knowledge Exchange at the Centre for Sustainable Fashion (CSF, London Fashion College UAL). As a seasoned Sustainability & Innovation leader in the Fashion & Luxury industry, Anna’s expertise is in developing sustainable business strategies (at product, service or systemic level), embedding sustainability into design and product development, scaling up innovations and activate positive change. Following a background in the Power Generation sector (where she has managed to boost her education through an executive Engineering Doctorate in Innovative materials), Anna has founded the Innovation function at Burberry and continues to advocate as an industry leader at the intersection between sustainability, materials science, technology and fashion at the Centre for Sustainable Fashion, UAL. With a dedication to sustainable innovation, she constantly leverage on cross-industry and academic collaborations, and new technologies to make the fashion world more sustainable and responsible. Anna is a keen proponent of circular economy, waste reduction, responsible sourcing, manufacturing, and supply chain transparency.