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Carry Somers


Fashion Revolution

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Inspired to act after the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh, Carry Somers is the founder of Fashion Revolution. As Global Operations Director of the world’s largest fashion activism campaign, she has inspired millions of people to demand an industry that provides decent and dignified livelihoods and works to conserve and restore the environment and has been instrumental in pushing the industry towards transparency. Last year, she sailed over 2000 miles from the Galapagos to Easter Island to investigate microplastic and toxic chemical pollution. Previously, Carry set up her multi-award winning fashion brand Pachacuti in 1992 after a Masters in Native American Studies. Supporting sustainable, rural livelihoods for women in the Andean region, Pachacuti pioneered radical supply chain transparency back to the GPS coordinates of the raw materials and was the world’s first Fair Trade Certified company. Her panama hat collections were shown at London, Paris and Milan Fashion Week and sold in the world’s foremost luxury stores. Carry has won numerous awards for her work and met the Queen in recognition of her significant contribution to British business. She is currently writing a book unravelling an eighteenth century scandal surrounding one of her ancestors - an exploited, migrant lacemaker.