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Frankie Philipps



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Frankie began her career as a designer at a fashion supplier in London working with the UK high street. In 2014 Frankie moved to Asia to work for the high street chains Jack and Jones and Next and it was here that she saw first-hand the devastating effects fast fashion has on communities and the environment. She became passionate about transparency within fashion and began working with factories and suppliers, pushing them to become more ethically responsible from farm to customer. As her efforts were often rejected by the big brands she worked for, Frankie began working on her TOBEFRANK concept, creating a unique framework designed to track and improve the impact fashion has on the environment and people. Today Frankie is the founder of her brand TOBEFRANK and runs The Rubbish Fashion Company Ltd. Over the last 4+ years she has been working with suppliers to create new material innovations - from creating faux leather from apple juice leftovers to producing dyes from food waste. Her company is now producing garments for other brands and retailers, helping to further reduce fashion’s negative impact. Frankie is supported by a strong team including fibre engineer Mehmet Guner, all working together to make The Rubbish Fashion Company a hub for positive fashion.